Intelligent Investor: Retirement Income Planning

19 June, 2018


The truth is, more Canadians are retiring, and with changes in pension structures and uncertain market conditions, the landscape you need to navigate to have the retirement you are hoping for is far more complex for than ever before.... Read More

Intelligent Investor: Wealth Transfer

4 April, 2018


Wealth Transfer 101: The biggest inter-generational wealth transfer in Canadian history is taking place right now. Read the e-book to learn more.... Read More

IPC Special Report: Navigating Life’s Major Events

3 April, 2018


The stage of life you are in now affects your financial planning strategies. This infographic provides a good roadmap, outlining the costs at each stage of life.... Read More

IPC Special Report : Budget 2018 -The Highlights

28 February, 2018


The Liberal government's budget on February 27, 2018 introduced changes that may affect your individual and family finances.... Read More

Intelligent Investor: (RRSP & TFSA and your financial goals)

21 February, 2018

Saving for your future may involve using both an RRSP and a TFSA.

Saving for your future may involve using both an RRSP and a TFSA.... Read More

Intelligent Investor: Money Facts 2018

5 February, 2018


Wealth Transfer 101: A reference guide that breaks down contribution limits for RRSPs and TFSAs.... Read More

Money Dates 2018

31 January, 2018

money date

Money Dates 2018 provides an listing of important deadlines pertaining to Income Tax Returns, Registered Plans, and payment dates for G.S.T. Credits, CPP/OAS Benefits, and Canada Child Benefits.... Read More

Intelligent Investor: RRSPs: 10 Simple Investment Strategies

16 November, 2017


Ten simple ways to grow your RRSPs.... Read More

IPC Special Report: Women and Wealth Management

27 October, 2017

women wealth

Life expectancies, generational wealth transfer and better career opportunities are just some of the reasons that women are going to be confronted with more financial decisions than ever before.... Read More

IPC Special Report: 2017 Fixed Income

7 September, 2017


It can pay to have all of your eggs in one basket.... Read More